Industrial Safety Performance Trading Platform on  blockchain

A platform for rewarding the companies, which invest in improving health and safety conditions of their workers.
Launched on PancakeSwap


Safety Token offers a subscription based Industrial Consultancy Platform which would be operated using Safety Token. Industries would earn Safety Token by submitting their Safety Credit Score in the marketplace. Each improved Safety Credit Score would be eligible for Safety Tokens.
It would motivate the industries and the business owners to invest in their workers’ health and safety programs not considering it just a liability, but as a return on investment gig. Companies with improved Safety Performance and good Safety Credit Score would also be eligible to get funding for their urgent and critical safety projects, through community funding on SAFETY TOKEN platform.

Revolutionized System for Workplace Safety Improvement

Global Consultants Hub, to break the monopoly of consulting firms

Project Funding to expedite the critical safety improvements

Global Marketplace for Certified Industrial Professionals

Why invest in SAFETY TOKEN?

Every 15 seconds a worker dies due to work related accident or disease, leading to 2.3 million workers death annually. A staggering 4% hit to global GDP annually amounting to around 3 trillion USD. According to latest “Cost to Britain Statistics” by HSE-UK, the major cost of work-related accidents and diseases is born by the individuals, that amounts to on average £9.56 bn annually.

In Great Britain an estimated 16,400 workers withdraw permanently from the labor market annually as a result of a workplace injury or work-related ill health.

Token Sale

Safety token will be the fuel propelling the entire initial mechanism. It will be used to trade the safety performance, to buy services on the marketplace, for voting the proposed initiatives, it will be donated to initiatives wallets and will go back in contributors’ wallets when projects are complete and safety conditions have improved at a facility.

For every purchase, allow 10% slippage tolerance that  would go into workplace safety improvement fund for industries. 

Token Distribution

  • 10% Advisors & Partners
  • 10% Token Sale
  • 10% Initial Liquidity
  • 60% Eco-System
  • 10% Team

Road Map

September 2021
Launch of Safety Token Marketplace
January 2022
Launch of Safety Credit Score Calculator
July 2022
Launch of on-site Safety Credit Score Assessment
January 2023
Launch of Safety Token Certification System


We are a team of industrial professionals and subject matter experts. We bring decades of hands on experience in different industrial sectors around the world. We understand the need for improvement and cost of poor workplace health & safety conditions. For us, Workers' Lives Matter the Most!

Frequently Asked Question

Safety Token is a solution to support and incentivize the efforts and investments of the companies which they put in to improve the worker’s health and safety conditions, to motivate more and more employers towards improving their safety KPIs. Safety Token would offer a marketplace where the employers would be able to trade their Safety KPIs in terms of Safety Credit Score to buy Safety Token.

There is currently no measure for relating the impacts of leading safety indicators in terms of reduction in lost work days. The technical advisors of the safety token team would be developing KPIs for assessing the safety credit score of a company in terms of reduction in potential lost work days based on internationally accepted methods; this would bring a calculator to exchange safety credit score for safety tokens.

You can buy Safety Token on PancakeSwap.

You can use Safety Token for subscription of our marketplace. Our marketplace would be an Industrial Professionals Hub. On our marketplace, companies and employers would be able to get all types of consultancy services by trading their safety credit score in terms of Safety Token.

Safety Token holders would be able to submit safety critical projects in their industries for community funding. These projects would be assessed by Safety Token advisors and once approved would be opened for community funding. Each funded project would earn Safety Tokens, once completed, these Safety Tokens would be distributed among our community as reward.


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